Independent Leeds label: AAZ Records ('An Apple and a Zebra' - in case you wondered). Was formed by Len Liggins. Manufactured By SRT And Distributed By Cartel.

84 Various Artists Giraffe In Flames   (Album) AAZ AAZ 1
85 Sinister Cleaners The Gnomes Of Zurich AAZ AAZ 2
85 Chorus These Stones AAZ AAZ 3
85 Liggins Len A Remedy For Bad Nerves (Ep) AAZ AAZ 4
86 Sinister Cleaners Lemon Meringue Bedsit AAZ AAZ 5
86 Sinister Cleaners Goodbye Mrs Jones (12") AAZ AAZ 6
87 Sinister Cleaners Longing For The Next Year (12") AAZ AAZ 7
88 Liggins Len A Headful Of Ants (Ep)] AAZ AAZ 8
90 Liggins Len Yuri´S Hair Salon AAZ AAZ 9