Independent label: Agit-Prop Records was an independent record label founded in 1985 by the members of the then-peace punk band Chumbawamba. Before starting the label in '85, Chumbawamba had distributed their records and tapes using the Sky and Trees label. As well as releasing their own recordings, Agit-Prop also put out a number of records by other groups. The label was disbanded, and Chumbawamba signed onto One Little Indian Records. Manufactured By Agitprop Records. Former Address: Box 4 Cell Lane, Leeds LS1 6DT West Yorkshire.And Distributed By Red Rhino and Cartel Records.

85 Chumbawumba Revolution AGITPROP AGIT 1
86 Chumbawumba We Are The World AGITPROP AGIT 2
88 Chumbawumba Fight The Alton Bill AGITPROP AGIT 3
91 Credit To The Nation Pay The Price AGITPROP AGIT 4
92 Chumbawumba I Never Gave Up AGITPROP AGIT 5
92 Chumbawumba Behave AGITPROP AGIT 666
92 Not Traced AGITPROP AGIT 7
92 Papa Brittle Status Quo AGITPROP AGIT 8