Independent label: Alfa Records originally Alfa Music, was established in 1969 by composer and record producer Kunihiko Murai. It was formed into an independent record label known as Alfa Records in 1977. It ran from 1981 to 1985 Manufactured And Distributed By CBS Records.

81 Lulu  I Could Never Miss You [More Than I Do]  ALFA A 1700
82 Yukihiro Takahashi Drip Dry Eyes ALFA A 1869
82 Yellow Magic Orchestra Rydeen ALFA A 2145
82 Sandii And The Sunsetz Alive ALFA A 2211
82 Lulu  I Will Do It For Your Love ALFA A 2423
82 The Monroes What Do All The People Know ALFA A 2468
82 Takahashi
Disposable Love
ALFA A 2636