Independent Welsh label: Recordiau Anhrefn (Welsh for Anhrefn Records) was a record label established in 1983 by Rhys Mwyn. Based in the small mid-Wales village of Llanfair Caereinion, before Rhys and his brother Sion Sebon moved to Bangor, North Wales, the record label was initially an outlet for their own band Yr Anhrefn but soon went on to release records by other Welsh groups, providing early exposure for such influential names as Datblygu, Fflaps and Llwybr Llaethog. Although only releasing a handful of records between 1983 and its dissolution in 1990, the label provided a subversive alternative to the ultra-conservative Welsh music scene of the time. Its independent and outward looking approach contrasted drastically with the establishment's isolated entrenchment and brought Welsh language music to corners of the World that had no previous knowledge of its existence, providing a foundation for the Welsh music boom of the mid 90s. Manufactured And Distributed By Revolver and Cartel Records.


84 Yr Anhrefn Dim Heddwch ANHREFN ANHREFN 001
85 Various Artists Cam O'r Tywyllwch (LP, Comp)  ANHREFN ANHREFN 002
86 Not Traced ANHREFN ANHREFN 003
86 Not Traced ANHREFN ANHREFN 004
86 Not Traced ANHREFN ANHREFN 005
86 Galwad Ar Holl Filwyr Byffalo Cymre [ Ep ] ANHREFN ANHREFN 006
86 Tywyll Tynal 73 Herb Flares ANHREFN ANHREFN 007
87 Datblygu Hugr-Grawth-Og ANHREFN ANHREFN 008
87 Llwybr Lleethog Dull Di Drais ANHREFN ANHREFN 009
87 Various Artists Album ANHREFN ANHREFN 010
87 Y Llwybr Lleaethog Yol ANHREFN ANHREFN 011
88 Fliaps Fliaps  Ep ANHREFN ANHREFN 012
88 Geriald Heb Caneuon OR De ANHREFN ANHREFN 013
88 Datblygu Wyau ANHREFN ANHREFN 014
88 Anhrefn Be Nesa 89 ANHREFN ANHREFN 015