Independent label: Antilles started as Island's in-house jazz label, though releases also spanned funk, disco, new wave, electronica, and dub. Established in the early 1970s, it moved with Island when it was purchased by PolyGram in 1989, moved to Verve Records soon thereafter because of its jazz specialization, and was dissolved upon the merger of PolyGram and MCA that formed the Universal Music Group in January 1999. Manufactured And Distributed By.

88 Pepper Jim Witchitiato ANTILLES ANN 1
88 Ponce Daniel No Comprendo ANTILLES ANN 2
88 Not Traced Sacrifice ANTILLES ANN 3
88 Courtney Pine  Traditions Beckoning ANTILLES ANN 4
88 Shappard Andy Java Jive ANTILLES ANN 5
88 Dizrhythmia It Will Only End In ANTILLES ANN 6
89 Not Traced ANTILLES ANN 7
89 Yomo Toro  El Sapo  ANTILLES ANN 8
90 Shappard Andy Bright Moments ANTILLES ANN 9
90 Mictogroove What It Is ANTILLES ANN 10
90 Courtney Pine  Hit Or Miss ANTILLES ANN 11
90 Not Traced ANTILLES ANN 12
91 Not Traced ANTILLES ANN 13
92 Jordan Ronny So What ANTILLES ANN 14