Independent label: Arena Records Was a Sub Label of Rialto Records. Rialto Records was run by Nick and Tim Heath.  It started off in 1979 and expired by 1983, Manufactured By Rialto Records Former Address: 4 Yeomans Row, London SW3. And Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

81 Slow Twitch Fibres This Is Your Lunch RIALTO RIA 1
81 Victims Of Pleasure Slave To Fashion RIALTO RIA 2
81 Mobiles Drowing In Berlin RIALTO RIA 3
82 Farrow Gene Unique Mystique RIALTO RIA 4
82 Mobiles Amour Amour RIALTO RIA 5
82 Soundtrack Ghosts Of Love RIALTO RIA 6
82 Victims Of Pleasure Jack And Jill RIALTO RIA 7
82 Lindsey Steve She'S Locked Her Life Up In A Suitcase RIALTO RIA 8
82 Soundtrack Crazy RIALTO RIA 9
82 Mobiles Partners In Fiction RIALTO RIA 10
82 Victims Of Pleasure When You'Re Young RIALTO RIA 11
82 Climb I Can'T Forget RIALTO RIA 12
82 Gladwin Joe What Have They Done To My Christmas RIALTO RIA 13
82 Yosser'S Gang Gis A Job RIALTO RIA 14
83 Mobiles Build Me Up Buttercup RIALTO RIA 15
83 Photos There'S Always Work RIALTO RIA 16
83 Andrew Thomas  Singapore Masquerade ARENA RIA 17
83 Grey Parade Exteriors RIALTO RIA 18
83 V O P Hereo'S RIALTO RIA 19
83 Not Traced RIALTO RIA 20
83 Not Traced RIALTO RIA 21
83 Cyan  Remember The Beach Girl RIALTO RIA 22