Independent label: Backs Records was a record shop, label and distributor. The record shop was situated in Swan Lane Norwich, and provided a small but perfectly formed source of vinyl pleasure for lots of alternative teens in the 1980s. the shop closed it's doors in the early 1990s, and Backs concentrated on its distribution commitments. Paul who worked in the shop at the time went on to create it's replacement shop in the form of Soundclash in St Benedict's Street, which is still very much there. Originally part of The Cartel, an Independent consortium of record labels and distributors; Backs still operates as a distributor with RTM & Pinnacle, although the economic climate in 2008 caused Pinnacle Entertainment to go into administration in December of that year. Backs also always offered support to local labels, and would often assist in distribution of records and CDs, most of Noisebox Records releases were distributed in this way by a consortium that always included Backs. Manufactured And Distributed By Backs and Cartel.


82 Farmers Boys Whatever Is He Like BACKS NCH 001
82 Popular Voice Home For The Summer BACKS NCH 002
82 Farmers Boys More Then A Dream BACKS NCH 003
83 Testcard F. Bandwagon Tango BACKS NCH 004
83 Popular Voice Temptation BACKS NCH 005
83 Happy Few  Shut  BACKS NCH 006
83 Gothic Girls  Outrage  BACKS NCH 007
83 Mad About Sunday  The Drunk BACKS NCH 008
84 European Toys  Korea Ep (12") BACKS NCH 009
84 Testcard F. The Third Stroke BACKS NCH 010
84 Gothic Girls  Borrowed Tongues Ep (12")  BACKS NCH 011
85 Perfect Vision  Coincidence (12")  BACKS NCH 101
85 Gee Mr Tracy You Make My Whole House Shine BACKS NCH 102
85 Gee Mr Tracy I Wish The Whole Dame World Was In A Bottle BACKS NCH 103
86 Gudvil  Poot Ep (12")  BACKS NCH 104
85 Venus In Furs  Momento Mori (12")  BACKS NCH 105
85 Gee Mr Tracy Lava Man BACKS NCH 106
86 Venus In Furs  Love Lies (12") BACKS NCH 107
86 Gee Mr Tracy Permanent Swoon BACKS NCH 108
86 Bible Graceland BACKS NCH 109
86 Pigbros  Cheap Life (12")  BACKS NCH 110
86 Bible Mahalia BACKS NCH 111
86 Bridge  Shame Is A Girl BACKS NCH 112
87 Jack The Bear  Skin And Bone  BACKS NCH 113
87 Fruitbats  Until The Money Falls Out Of The Sky  BACKS NCH 114
88 Not Issued BACKS NCH 115
88 Venus In Furs  Almost (12") BACKS NCH 116

84 Not Traced   BACKS MANE 1001
84 Pagan Ritual Pagan Dance BACKS MANE 1002

82 Not Traced   BACKS PRIM 001
82 Not Traced   BACKS PRIM 002
82 Not Traced   BACKS PRIM 003
82 Terminal Fun  Great Moments  BACKS PRIM 004