Independent label: Bam Caruso Former Address: 9 Ridgemont Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire,  The Pioneering Record Label, Started In 1983 By Phil Smee, Growing From The Dying Embers Of St Albans "Waldos Records", With A Mission To Record The Best New Sounds Emerging From The Uk And America'S So Called "Paisley Underground", And Merge Them With Rare And Unknown Psyche And Garage/Pop Gems From The '60S, To Be Licensed In. Its colourful reputation rests on the "Rubble" series, a continuing set of various artists compilations which together create a definitive overview of Freakbeat and pop-psych styles. RPM Records  Bam Caruso, the 60's psych reissue imprint of Cherry Red was set up with the co-operation of BC founder Phil Smee to reissue the old BC catalogue and more. The "Rubble" compilation series has been reissued by Past & Present Records. Manufactured And Distributed By Making Waves Records.

Please note: NRIC = 7"s, KIRI = LPs, OPRA = ?Juke Box? 7?s, PABL = 12?s, MARI = Mini-LPs, AIDA = DoLP


84 Pig Clive & Hopeful Chinamen The Whale Zoo (Ep) BAM CARUSO  NRIC 020
84 Left Banke And Suddenly It'S... (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 021
84 Left Banke Walk Away Renee (Ep) BAM CARUSO  NRIC 022
84 Left Banke Walk Away Renee BAM CARUSO  NRIC 023
84 Various Artists The Psychedelic Snarl (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 024
84 Various Artists Pop Sike Pipe Dreams (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 025
84 Various Artists Nightmares In Wonderland BAM CARUSO  KIRI 026
84 Various Artists 49 Minutes Technicolor Dream (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 027
84 Eyes Blink (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 028
85 Remayns First (Ep) BAM CARUSO  NRIC 029
85 Gordon Rabbi Joseph Competition BAM CARUSO  NRIC 030
85 Freight Train Man'S Laughter BAM CARUSO  NRIC 031
85 Pretty Things Closed Restaurant Blues (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 032
85 Mandrake Paddle Steamer Strange Walking Man BAM CARUSO  NRIC 033
85 Plasticland Plasticland (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 034
85 Palace Of Light Bitterseal BAM CARUSO  OPRA 035
85 Left Banke Walk Away Renee (12") BAM CARUSO  PABL 036
85 Mark Four Live At The Best Scene Club (Ep) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 037
85 Eyes Scene But Not Heard   (Album) BAM CARUSO  MARI 038
85 Chicaynes Further Thoughts BAM CARUSO  NRIC 039
85 Tortilla Flats Giant Sky   (12") BAM CARUSO  PABL 040
86 Left Banke And One Day BAM CARUSO  NRIC 041
86 Mirror Reflected Glory   (12") BAM CARUSO  PABL 042
86 Fortunate Sons Sometimes You Win BAM CARUSO  NRIC 043
86 Various Artists The Electric Crayon Set (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 044
86 Left Banke Voices Calling  (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 045
86 Hearts And Flowers Now Is The Time (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 046
86 Koobas Barricades (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 047
86 United States Of Existence Introducing (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 048
86 Various Artists The Clouds Have Groovy Faces (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 049
86 Fortunate Sons Rising (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 050
86 Hearts And Flowers Of Horses, Kids... (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 051
86 Paul Roland Dance Macabre  (Album)  BAM CARUSO  KIRI 052
86 Palace Of Light City Of Gold   (12") BAM CARUSO  PABL 053
86 Src The Revenge Of The Quakenbush Bros. (Album)   BAM CARUSO  KIRI 054
86 Montage Same (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 055
86 Time Machine Summer Of Love (Ep) BAM CARUSO  NRIC 056
86 Patriots / Chicaynes Split-(Album)  BAM CARUSO  MARI 057
86 Palace Of Light Beginning Here & Travelling Outward (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 058
86 JohnüS Children MidsummerüS Night Scene   BAM CARUSO  NRIC 059
86 Haeffner Nick Sneaky Mother BAM CARUSO  OPRA 060
86 Nirvana Black Flower (Album)  BAM CARUSO  KIRI 061
86 Various Artists Jukebox Ed BAM CARUSO  NRIC 062
87 Brain Nightmares In Red BAM CARUSO  NRIC 063
87 Kings Of Oblivion Big Fish Popcorn (Album)  BAM CARUSO  KIRI 064
87 Various Artists From The House Of Lords (Album)  BAM CARUSO  KIRI 065
87 Ost Tv Series Soundtrack (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 066
87 Gants I Wonder (Album)  BAM CARUSO  KIRI 067
87 Jan And Dean Meet Batman  (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 068
87 Various Artists Adventures In The Mist (Album)  BAM CARUSO  KIRI 069
87 Various Artists Staircase To Nowhere (Album)  BAM CARUSO  OPRA 070
87 Nick Haeffner The Great Indoors  (Album)  BAM CARUSO  OPRA 071
87 Nick Haeffner The Master   (12") BAM CARUSO  PABL 072
87 Nick Haeffner Back In Time For Tea  (12")  BAM CARUSO  PABL 073
87 Brad Is Sex Gentlemen Start Your Sheep  (Album)  BAM CARUSO  MARI 074
87 Various Artists Meanwhile Back At The Ranch  (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 075
87 Walker Brothers Live In Japan   (Album) BAM CARUSO  AIDA 076
87 Ghost For One Second (Album) BAM CARUSO  OPRA 077
87 Nirvana Black Flower BAM CARUSO  NRIC 078
87 Various Artists Plastic Wilderness(Album)  BAM CARUSO  KIRI 079
87 Riot Squad Same (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 080
87 Paul Roland  Madam Guillotine BAM CARUSO  NRIC 081
87 Seeds Evil Hoodoo (Album)  BAM CARUSO  KIRI 082
87 Various Artists Pictures In The Sky (Album)  BAM CARUSO  KIRI 083
87 Various Artists 5000 Seconds Over Toyland (Album)  BAM CARUSO  KIRI 084
87 Various Artists Illusions From The Crackling Void (Album)   BAM CARUSO  KIRI 085
87 Kings Of Oblivion Big Fish BAM CARUSO  OPRA 086
87 Fortunate Sons Hammerhead (12") BAM CARUSO  PABL 087
88 Ghost Time Is My Enemy BAM CARUSO  OPRA 088
88 Sorrows Pink Purple Yellow And Red (Album) BAM CARUSO  KIRI 089
88 Walker Brothers The Sun AinüT Gonna Shine Anymore BAM CARUSO OPRA 090
88 Seeds Pushing To Hard BAM CARUSO OPRA 091
88 Various Artists Bam-Caruso Psych Out (Flexi)  BAM CARUSO BRAV 092
88 Fortunate Sons  Karezza (Album)  BAM CARUSO KIRI 093
88  Paul Roland  Alice's House (12")  BAM CARUSO PABL 094
88 John's Children  A Midsummer Night's Scene (Album)  BAM CARUSO KIRI 095
88 Various Artists Glass Orchid Aftermath (Rubble 16) (Album)  BAM CARUSO KIRI 096
88 July Dandelion Seeds (Album)  BAM CARUSO KIRI 097
88 Various Artists Professor Jordan's Magic Sound Show (Album)  BAM CARUSO KIRI 098
88 Various Artists A Trip In A Painted World (Rubble 17) (Album)  BAM CARUSO KIRI 099
88 Not Traced It's Only A Passing Phaze (Bam-Caruso Sampler LP #3 BAM CARUSO MARX 100
88 The Outsiders The Outsiders (Album)  BAM CARUSO KIRI 101
88 Various Artists Freak Beat Fantoms (Rubble Thirteen) (Album)  BAM CARUSO KIRI 102
88 Steppes The Tourists From Timenotyet (Album)  BAM CARUSO KIRI 103
88 Sonics   Psycho (Album)  BAM CARUSO KIRI 104
88 Various Artists Bam Caruso catalogue (Album)  BAM CARUSO BRAV 105
88 Various Artists The Magic Rocking Horse (Rubble 14) (Album)  BAM CARUSO KIRI 106
88 Batman Theme Batman Theme BAM CARUSO NRIC 107