Independent label: Small Label Set Up By John O'Conner, Based At His Recording Studio, Bark Studio. Used For Uk Releases By The Firm. Manufactured And Distributed By PRT Records.

82 Firm Arthur Daley BARK HID 1
82 Firm Cash In Hand BARK HID 2
83 Firm Long Live The National BARK HID 3

85 Firm Bravo Costa Brava BARK BAD 1
87 Firm Super Heroes BARK SUPER 1
87 Firm Star Trekkin' BARK TREK 1
88 Kelly Ned Automobile BARK DRIVE 1
88 Firm Flob-A-Dob-A-Long BARK FLOWER 1

88 Lister Graham Fish 'N' Chips In Spain BARK SPAIN 1
89 Ned Kelly  Sign Language BARK SIGN 1
89 Medicine Bow Since You'Ve Been Gone BARK SINCE 1
89 Lucy B  Strawberry Ice Cream Jelly & Cake  BARK STRAW 1