Diy label: The Batfish Boys (later simply called Batfish) were a gothic rock/garage rock/rockabilly band from York, England, active between 1984 and 1990, releasing three albums. The band was formed by former March Violet Simon Detroit (b. Simon Denbighe)(vocals), and ex-Skeletal Family drummer Martin Pink, along with Johey Elliott (guitar), and T.G. Ashton (bass). Their goth-rock tendencies soon gave way to a more Stooges-influenced garage rock sound, with "Swamp Liquor" their first release on their own Batfish Inc. label in 1985, followed soon after by debut album The Gods Hate Kansas, prompting comparisons to the likes of The Cramps and The Gun Club. In 1986, Zero Rek was added on guitar, the band's second album, Head, also appearing that year, now with psychedelic blues overtones. With the band's sound getting progressively heavier, and with a new rhythm section, they were signed by Motorhead's label GWR in 1987. Manufactured And Distributed By.

84 Batfish Boys Swamp Liquor (12")  BATFISH INC USS 101
85 Batfish Boys The Gods Hate Kansas [ Lp ] BATFISH INC USS 102
85 Vaynes Gtf [ Lp ] BATFISH INC USS 103
85 Salvation Jessica'S Crime (12")  BATFISH INC USS 104
86 Batfish Boys Crocodile Tears (Ep) (12")  BATFISH INC USS 105
86 Batfish Boys Head [ Lp ] BATFISH INC USS 106
86 Batfish Boys Justine BATFISH INC USS 107
87 Batfish Boys The Bomb Song BATFISH INC USS 108

84 Pink Peg Stax Dripping BATFISH INC BF 101
84 Batfish Boys Swamp Liquor BATFISH INC BF 102
86 Salvation Jessica'S Crime BATFISH INC BF 103