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 Independent label: Becket Records was a Sublabel: of Sound Of New York it's Parent Label was: I & M Teleproducts Incorporated Manufactured And Distributed By PRT Records.

81 Bell Archie Any Time Is Right BECKET BKS  1
82 Gonzales Terri Treat Yourself To My Love BECKET BKS  2
82 Sinnamon Thanks To You BECKET BKS 3
82 Morris David Sarurday Night BECKET BKS 4
82 Jamaica Girls Rock That Beat BECKET BKS 5
82 Morgan Denroy Happy Feeling BECKET BKS  6
83 Sinnamon He'S Gonna Take You Home BECKET BKS  7
83 Newcleus Jam On Revenge BECKET BKS  8
84 Sapphires Rock Me Slow BECKET BKS  9
84 Captain Rapp Bad Times BECKET BKS  10
84 Indeep Record Keeps Spinning BECKET BKS  11
84 Indeep Girls Got Soul BECKET BKS  12

82 Choirgirls It'S In His Kiss BECKET BKRS 100