Independent label: Boys In Darkness was a Scottish band from Bathgate Scotland.The band were Dave Gilhooly (Voc) Richard Wade (Guitar) Mike McCann (Bass) Colin Laverty (Drums) Dave Milne - (Keyboards) This 45 was released twice in '81 - 1st in October on the Bid for Freedom label [7" & 12" format - no p/s]. Then again in late November on the E.D.M. Champagne label [7" & 12" format - with p/s] - (Although their names on the label Of the EDM pressing are D Gillhooly (voc) G Wade (guitar) M McAneny (bass) C Laverty (drums) D Milne (keyboards). Distributed By.

81 Boys In Darkness Back To France BID FOR FREEDOM BIDS 1