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81 Boxcar Willie Goodhearted Woman BIG R BRS 01
81 Kenny Seratt  Saturday Night In Dallas BIG R BRS 02
81 Gary Ford  Lord I'D Forgotten BIG R BRS 03
81 Roy Drusky  Night Flying BIG R BRS 04
81 Colorado Boogie Grass Saturday Night BIG R BRS 05
81 Kenny Seratt  Diesel Devil BIG R BRS 06
81 Colorado Thrill Of The Chase BIG R BRS 07
81 Various Artists Moe Bandy/Roy Drusky/Gerry Ford BIG R BRS 08
82 Colorado Green Fields Of France BIG R BRS 09
82 Gary Ford  Let's Here It For The Working Man BIG R BRS 10
82 Fran & Anna It'S Scotland For Ever BIG R BRS 11