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 Independent label: Manufactured Big Time Records Former Address: 34-35 D'Arblay Street, London W1V 3FE. And Distributed By RCA and Ariola Records.

82 Rank And File  Amanda Ruth  BIG TIME BTS 1257
84 Del Fuegos I Should Be The One  BIG TIME BTS 1424
86 Lucy Show A Million Things BIG TIME ZB 41397
87 Love Tractor Party Train BIG TIME ZB 41421
87 Dumstruck Going Nowhere BIG TIME ZB 41553
87 Lucy Show New Message BIG TIME ZB 41603
87 Dumstruck Island BIG TIME ZB 41705
87 Penfold Jim Hole In My Room BIG TIME ZB 41731
87 The Dream Syndicate 50 In A 25 Zone BIG TIME ZB 41419