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 Independent label: Burning Rome Formerly known as SS Label. later changed it's name to Burning Rome Records to avoid suspicions of right-wing sympathies. was Founded by Theatre of Hate manager in 1981 by Terry Razor of Theatre of Hate were a post-punk band formed in Britain in 1980. Led by singer-songwriter and ex-member of punk band The Pack, Kirk Brandon, the original group also consisted of guitarist Steve Guthrie, bassist Stan Stammers (The Straps/Epileptics), saxophonist John Lennard and drummer Luke Rendle from Crisis/The Straps. Spear of Destiny is a British rock band, established in 1983 by singer and songwriter Kirk Brandon (born 3 August 1956, Westminster, London) and bassist Stan Stammers (born 19 May 1961). It had an ever-changing line-up through the years.The original line-up consisted of Kirk Brandon, Stan Stammers, Chris Bell, and Lascelles James, in late 1983 this line-up was superseded by Dolphin Taylor on drums, Alan St. Clair on guitar, John Lennard on sax, and Neil Pyzer on keyboards and additional saxophone. In 1984 John Lennard was replaced by Mickey Donnelly on Saxophone. Distributed By CBS Records.

81 Theatre Of Hate Rrebel Wiyhout A Brain BURNING ROME BRR 1
81 Theatre Of Hate Do You Believe In The Westworld? BURNING ROME BRR 2
82 Theatre Of Hate The Hop BURNING ROME BRR 3
82 Theatre Of Hate Eastworld BURNING ROME BRR 4
83 Not Traced   BURNING ROME BRR 5
83 Not Traced BURNING ROME BRR 6
84 Senate The Original Sin BURNING ROME BRR 7
84 Spear Of Destiny  Prisoner Of Love (Double Pack) BURNING ROME A 4068
84 Spear Of Destiny Liberator BURNING ROME A 4310

85 Spear Of Destiny  All My Love (Ask Nothing)  BURNING ROME A 6333
85 Spear Of Destiny  Come Back  BURNING ROME A 6445

83 Spear Of Destiny  Flying Scotsman  BURNING ROME SPEAR 1

85 Theatre Of Hate The Wake  BURNING ROME T.O.H  1 E.P

83 Spear Of Destiny The Wheel BURNING ROME A 3372