Independent Birmingham label: Cake Records was a label that mostly supported not so poppy acts like Pigbros or The Davidsons. This was the only 7″ released on the label. All other releases were 12″s. And it’s catalog number Slice 2.  Published by Cubic Music, Distributed by Nine Mile/Cartel. that the odd lady on the front cover is called Joan. Band members: Jimbo on bass, Maria on violin, Phil on drums, Sue on vocals and guitar, and Tank on guitar. Manufactured By MPO Averton And Distributed By Nine Mile and Cartel.

87 Pig Bros Word Up (12”) CAKE 12 PIECE 1
87 Capitols  Who Can Tell 7” CAKE SLICE 2
87 Atom Spies  And Now The Adverts (12”) CAKE 12 PIECE 3
87 Davidsons Muscle Jerks - Lp CAKE 12 PIECE 4
87 Pig Bros Just Call Me God (12”) CAKE 12 PIECE 5
88 Raymond & Townsend That´S Right (12”) CAKE 12 PIECE 6
88 Davidsons Like An Astronaut (12”) CAKE 12 PIECE 7
88 Pig Bros Baby Face (12”) CAKE 12 PIECE 8