Independent label: Cargo Records or simply Cargo may refer to Cargo Records UK or Cargo Records Germany The two companies operate primarily as distributors or distribution-labels. Originally set up in the UK in 1992 Cargo Records UK has since garnered a reputation for many groundbreaking acts and labels. Cargo Records Former Address: 17 Heathmans Road, Parsons Green, London SW6 4TJ. Manufactured And Distributed By Cargo Records.

81 Cargo  Sunny Love Affair CARGO GOLD CG 1020
82 Cargo  Holding On For Love CARGO GOLD CG 1021
83 Cargo Featuring Dave Collins  Tender Touch CARGO GOLD CG 1022
84 Mike Carr Do It  CARGO GOLD CG 1023
85 Cargo  Jazz Rap Volume One (12") CARGO GOLD CG 1024
86 Cargo  Don'T Stop Your Love CARGO GOLD CG 1025
86 Cargo  Without You (12") CARGO GOLD CG 1026
87 Cargo  Lady'S Man  CARGO GOLD CG 1027
87 Not Traced CARGO GOLD CG 1028
88 Cargo  Lovely Summer'S Day CARGO GOLD CG 1029
88 Cargo  The Champ (12") CARGO GOLD CG 1030
88 Cargo  You Make My World (12") CARGO GOLD CG 1031
91 Cargo And Janice  Mexico Mexico CARGO GOLD CG 1032