Independent label: Casablanca Records was an American record label started by Neil Bogart, In 1977, PolyGram Records acquired a 50 percent stake of Casablanca for $15 million, and then in 1980 it purchased the other 50 percent. Also in 1980, one of the label's biggest acts, Donna Summer, left for another record company as she and Casablanca could not come to terms on her musical direction in the new decade. That same year, PolyGram pushed Bogart out of Casablanca due to what it viewed as the label's overspending and accounting irregularities. In the early 80s, with Bogart no longer heading the label, Casablanca had hits with acts Lipps Inc and Irene Cara, but it did not have the same level of success it had in the 70s. The label was eventually shut down by PolyGram with some of the artist roster and catalogue absorbed into sister label Mercury Records. Manufactured And Distributed By PolyGram Records.

80 Chase Carol This Must Be My Ship CASABLANCA  CWS 1001
80 Kiss 2000 Man CASABLANCA  NB 1001
81 Jabarra Paul Never Lose Your Sense Of Humour CASABLANCA  NB 1002

81 Starpoint I Just Want To Be Your Baby CASABLANCA  CAN 1001
81 Davis Mac Me And Fat Boy CASABLANCA  CAN 1002
81 Pure Prairie League Still Right Here In My Heart CASABLANCA  CAN 1003
81 Cameo Don'T Be So Cool CASABLANCA  CAN 1004
81 Four Tops When She Was My Girl CASABLANCA  CAN 1005
81 Four Tops Don'T Walk Away CASABLANCA  CAN 1006
82 Davis Mac You'Re My Bestest CASABLANCA  CAN 1007
82 Four Tops Tonight Im Gonna Love You All Over CASABLANCA  CAN 1008
82 Cher Holdin' Out For Love CASABLANCA  CAN 1009
82 Cameo Four From Cameo CASABLANCA  CAN 1010
82 Mills Stephanie You Can'T Run From My Love CASABLANCA  CAN 1011
82 Four Tops Sad Hearts CASABLANCA  CAN 1012
82 Starpoint Bring Your Sweet CASABLANCA  CAN 1013
82 Summer Donna Love To Love You Baby CASABLANCA  CAN 1014
82 Not Issued CASABLANCA  CAN 1015
83 Cara Irene Flashdance CASABLANCA  CAN 1016
83 Sembello Michael Maniac CASABLANCA  CAN 1017
83 Esposito Joe Lady Lady Lady CASABLANCA  CAN 1018
84 Davis Mac Caroline'S Still In CASABLANCA  CAN 1019
84 Stanley Pamela Coming Out Of Hiding CASABLANCA  CAN 1020
84 Survivor Moment Of Truth CASABLANCA  CAN 1021
85 Burge Greg Surprise Surprise CASABLANCA  CAN 1022

82 Summer Donna I Feel Love [Re-Mix] CASABLANCA FEEL 007
80 Summer Donna On The Radio CASABLANCA  NB 2236
80 Bullens Cindy Holding Me Crazy CASABLANCA  NB 2217
80 Parliament Party People CASABLANCA  NB 2222
80 De Sario Terry Yes I'M Ready CASABLANCA  NB 2225

80 Cameo Sparkle CASABLANCA  CSS 3202