Independent label: Mid 80s industrial and underground dance label started by Robert H. King. Cathexis Recordings Former Address: 10 Keir Street Glasgow G41 2NW Scotland. Distributed By Fast Forward and The Cartel.

85 Vazz Violent Silence CATHEXIS CRV 5401
86 Vazz Your Lungs And Your Tongues (Lp, Minialbum) CATHEXIS CRV 6402
86 Vazz Feverpitch (12") CATHEXIS CRV 7403
87 Vazz Whisper Not (Cassette) CATHEXIS CRV 7404
87 Vazz Pearls (12") CATHEXIS CRV 7405
88 Not Traced CATHEXIS CRV 7406
89 Nervous Choir Alstation (Ep) CATHEXIS CRV 5407
85 Vee Vv Kindest Cut CATHEXIS CRV 54555