Independent label: Sudden Sway were a pop group from Peterborough, England, The band was formed in 1980 by Mike McGuire (vocals) and Steve Rolls (Guitar) Pete Jostins (Bass), Shaun Foreman (Guitar & Keyboards) and Colin Meech (Drums). Their first releases were two self-financed singles, "Janie's Third Party" and the To You, With Regard EP, in 1980 and 1981 respectively. The latter was sufficiently successful to attract major-label interest from CBS and Virgin Records, but after a further single on their own 'Chant' label, and with guitarist Simon Childs added as a permanent member, they signed a deal with Warners subsidiary Blanco y Negro, Distributed By.

80 Sudden Sway Jane'S Third Party CHANT CHANT 1
81 Sudden Sway To You, With Regard [ Ep ] CHANT CHANT 2
84 Sudden Sway The Traffic Tax Scheme CHANT CHANT 3

82 Sudden Sway The Traffic Tax Scheme CHANT SRTS82CUS1592