Independent label: Cheree Records 23 Malmesbury Road, South Woodford, Woodford, London, E18 2NL. Was born out of Sowing Seeds Fanzine which was created by Paul May (of SkullF**K fame) and Nick Allport based in "the groovy top flat" South Woodford London. Sowing Seeds had evolved into one of London's best known and loved Fanzines. It was based around the "indie" scene in the U.K. of the late 80's and had built up a substantial circulation. Cheree Records will always be best known for The Telescopes who had their first 3 vinyl releases while they were with Cheree. The first Cheree release came in the Summer of 1988 a 7" FLEXI of Loop live from ULU London and "Forever Close Your Eyes" by The Telescopes. The first major release was to be Cheree 2, The Telescopes- Kick the Wall 7" which launched both The Telescopes and Cheree well and truly off the ground. Distributed By.

88 Telesscopes Forever Close Your Eyes (Flexi) CHEREE CHEREE 1
89 Telesscopes Kick The Wall CHEREE CHEREE 2
89 Pooh Sticks Go Go Girl (Flexi) CHEREE CHEREE 3
89 Telesscopes 7Th Disaster (12") CHEREE CHEREE 4
89 Spacemen 3 Extract From A Contemporary Sitar Evening  (Flexi) CHEREE CHEREE 5
89 Bark Psychosis All Different Things / By-Blow (12") CHEREE CHEREE 6
90 Fury Things Love Sick Ep (12") CHEREE CHEREE 7
90 Whipping Boy Sugar I Swear CHEREE CHEREE 8
90 Telesscopes Taste (Album) CHEREE CHEREE 9
90 Bark Psychosis Nothing Feels I Know (12") CHEREE CHEREE 10
90 Whipping Boy  I Think I Miss You (12") CHEREE CHEREE 11
90 Beautiful Happiness Something Sonic (12") CHEREE CHEREE 12
90 Not Traced CHEREE CHEREE 13
91 Beautiful Happiness Sundown (Ep) CHEREE CHEREE 14
91 Sea Urchins Please Don'T Cry CHEREE CHEREE 15
91 Not Traced CHEREE CHEREE 16
91 Pooh Sticks Who Loves You CHEREE CHEREE 17
91 Pooh Sticks The Great White Wonder (Album) CHEREE CHEREE 18
91 Not Traced CHEREE CHEREE 19
91 Hooverman  Not So Fast  (Album) CHEREE CHEREE 20
91 Various My Cheree Amour (Cd) CHEREE CHEREE 21
91 Jonathan Richman  Having A Party With  (Cd) CHEREE CHEREE 22
91 Pooh Sticks, The Young People (12") CHEREE CHEREE 23
92 State Of Grace Camden (12") CHEREE CHEREE 24
92 Bardots Pretty O (Cd) CHEREE CHEREE 25
92 Barenaked Ladies Barenaked Ladies (12") CHEREE CHEREE 26
92 Various Artists Free Thoughts CHEREE CHEREE 27