Independent label: China Records was a record label founded October 1, 1984 by Derek Green. Its top-selling artists were Art of Noise, Morcheeba and The Levellers. In 1986 and 1987, China Records releases were manufactured and marketed worldwide by Chrysalis Records, and then by Polydor Records in 1988 through 1990. From 1991 the labels UK releases were made and distributed by Pinnacle Records, with material being licensed to various other labels for international release. In February 1992 Derek Green quit the BPI over their stance on the independent chart, whilst the label distribution went major in 1997 when it was acquired by Warner Music. With this deal, China was distributed through Discovery Records in the US, and is now being distributed through Sire Records since Discovery folded. Overseas releases are handled primarily by Warner Manufacturing Europe.China Records Former Address: 111 Frithville Gardens London W12 7JG. Distributed By Polydor and Pinnacle Records.

88 Dog'S D'Amour How Comes It Never Rains CHINA  CHINA 1
88 Fountainhead Someone Like You CHINA CHINA 2
88 Name Dangerous Times CHINA CHINA 3
88 Art Of Noise Dragnet 88 CHINA CHINA 4
88 Dog'S D'Amour The Kid From Kensington CHINA CHINA 5
88 Not Traced CHINA CHINA 6
88 Fountainhead Angle CHINA CHINA 7
88 Name Maybe Someday CHINA CHINA 8
88 Siffre Labi Listen To The Voice CHINA CHINA 9
88 Dog'S D'Amour I Don'T Want To Go CHINA CHINA 10
88 Art Of Noise Kiss CHINA CHINA 11
88 Siffre Labi I Will Always Love You CHINA CHINA 12
89 Dog'S D'Amour How Comes It Never Rains CHINA CHINA 13
89 Art Of Noise Paranoimia 89 CHINA CHINA 14
89 Name Last War Song CHINA CHINA 15
89 Green On Red Keith CanīT Read CHINA CHINA 16
89 Dog'S D'Amour Satellite Kid CHINA CHINA 17
89 Art Of Noise Yebo CHINA CHINA 18
89 Not Traced CHINA CHINA 19
89 Dog'S D'Amour Trail Of Tears CHINA CHINA 20
Green On Red
This Time Around
89 Green On Red
You Couldn't Get Arrested
90 Art Of Noise Art Of Love CHINA CHINA 23
90 Dog'S D'Amour Victims Of Success CHINA CHINA 24
90 Loud D Generation CHINA CHINA 25
90 Dudley Anne & Jaz Minarets And Memories CHINA CHINA 26
90 Dog'S D'Amour Empty World CHINA CHINA 27
90 Not Traced CHINA CHINA 28
90 Loud Explosive CHINA CHINA 29
90 Dog'S D'Amour Back On The Juice CHINA CHINA 30
90 Cheap And Nasty Mind Across The Ocean CHINA CHINA 31
Anne Dudley And Jaz Coleman
90 Loud Song For The Lonely CHINA CHINA 33
91 Cheap And Nasty Beautiful Disaster CHINA CHINA 34

85 Kitchen Kevin Put My Arms Around You CHINA WOK 1
Kevin Kitchen
85 Kitchen Kevin Finger Prints CHINA WOK 3
85 Shine  Shadow Dancing CHINA WOK 4
85 Art Of Noise Legs CHINA WOK 5
86 Art Of Noise Peter Gunn CHINA WOK 6
86 Fountainhead Feel It Now CHINA WOK 7
86 Shine  I Dream In Blue CHINA WOK 8
86 Art Of Noise Paranoimia CHINA WOK 9
86 Fountainhead Rhythm Method CHINA WOK 10
86 Art Of Noise Legacy CHINA WOK 11
87 Siffre Labi So Strong CHINA WOK 12
87 Fountainhead So Good Now CHINA WOK 13
87 Art Of Noise Dragnet CHINA WOK 14
Jesus And The Devil ‎
87 Siffre Labi Nothin'S Gonna Change CHINA WOK 16

88 Not Traced CHINA SNAKE 1
89 Green On Red  Dan Stuart And Chuck Prophet Interviewed By DJ Johnny Walker  CHINA SNAKE 2

89 Not Traced CHINA UGLI 1
89 Ugly As Sin Terminal Love CHINA UGLI 2
90 Ugly As Sin Pain CHINA UGLI 3