Independent label: The Chiswick record company was started by Ted Carroll and Trevor Churchill as a logical progression from selling records from a stall in Soho market.  Chiswick was one of the first labels to issue Punk Rock records, and it enjoyed a lot of success in that field.  The Damned took the label into the charts on several occasions from 1979-80, as did Doo-Wop revival band Rocky Sharpe & The Replays (from 1978-82).  Carroll and Churchill put out reissues of old Rock 'n' Roll records as well as their own recordings; they licensed Chiswick to EMI in 1978, leaving themselves free to concentrate on the reissue market, via their 'Ace' label.  Chiswick singles initially appeared early in 1976, in a S-0 numerical series, these were marketed by President and distributed by Lugton and H. R. Taylor.  A switch to Anchor Records came in mid 1977, along with a changer of prefix, to NS, distribution was by CBS during this period.  Finally when EMI took over manufacture and distribution, from September 1978, a new label design was adopted and the numbering changed to CHIS-100.   At least one other change of design and numbers took place in the 1980s.  The SW prefix appears to have been applied to EPs, during the President and Anchor years. Chiswick Records Former Address: 3-5 Kentish Town Road London NW1.

82 Jakko Night Has A Thousand Eyes CHISWICK DICE 1
82 Two Two Insufficent Data CHISWICK DICE 2
82 Sharpe Rocky & Replays Shout Shout CHISWICK DICE 3
82 Minor Classics Sign Language CHISWICK DICE 4
82 Two Two Kwagayo CHISWICK DICE 5
82 Brown Laverne Words Are Impossible CHISWICK DICE 6
82 Jakko Straining Our Eyes CHISWICK DICE 7
82 Khan Kay Young Love CHISWICK DICE 8
82 Sharpe Rocky & Replays Heart CHISWICK DICE 9
82 Sniff 'N' The Tears Hungry Eyes CHISWICK DICE 10
82 Sniff 'N' The Tears Driver'S Seat CHISWICK DICE 11
83 Fabulous Pythons Rico Lamente CHISWICK DICE 12
82 Flames Your Love Is Slippin' Away CHISWICK DICE 13
82 Jakko Grab What You Can CHISWICK DICE 14
82 Roddy Radiation & Tearjerkers Desire CHISWICK DICE 15
82 Dr Feelgood Trying To Live My Life Without You CHISWICK DICE 16
82 Two Two King Solomon'S Mines CHISWICK DICE 17
83 Dr Feelgood Crazy About The Girls CHISWICK DICE 18
83 Sharpe Rocky & Replays La Bamba CHISWICK DICE 19