Independent label: Choice Cuts Was Darts Own Record Label. Darts were a nine-piece British doo-wop revival band that achieved chart success in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The popular London-based band had a number of UK top 20 hits. Founded in 1976, by Den Hegarty along with Griff Fender, Rita Ray and Horatio Hornblower, all former members of the band Rocky Sharpe and the Razors. Joining the band was Thump Thompson, George Currie and John Dummer, all ex members of the John Dummer's Blues Band. The line-up was completed by Hammy Howell and ex Mickey Jupp singer Bob Fish. Distributed By Spartan.

83 Darts Mystery Regoula CHOICE CUTS PIG 901
83 Darts Lorraine CHOICE CUTS PIG 902
83 Darts Yakety Yak : Four Great Songs From The Show CHOICE CUTS PIG 903
83 Darts Can´T Teach A Fool CHOICE CUTS PIG 904
83 Not Traced CHOICE CUTS PIG 905
84 Darts Groovin´ CHOICE CUTS PIG 906
85 Darts Blow Away CHOICE CUTS PIG 907