Independent label: Choo Choo Train Records. Small-time label run by Andrew Brenner, mainly to release records by his band, The 49 Americans, and his friends - namely, the I Never Knew 7", by The Avocados.The Avocados band members were from the "49 Americans". Band members: Bass, Flugelhorn Steve Beresford, Drums Else, Guitar Dave, Guitar, Bass Oisin, Vocals Etta. Choo Choo Train Records Former Address: 15 The Chine London N10 3PX. Distributed By.

80 49 Americans E Pluribus Unum (Lp) CHOO CHOO TRAIN CHUG 1
80 49 Americans Too Young To Be Ideal! (12") CHOO CHOO TRAIN CHUG 2
81 Avocados I Never Knew CHOO CHOO TRAIN CHUG 3