Independent label: CJMO - the C. John Mears Organization - appears to have concentrated most of its efforts on the album market, but it released the occasional seven-inch record. LPs and EPs alike are numbered in the 700s which suggests that they may have shared the same numerical series; LPs were prefixed 'RLP', EPs 'R'.  CJMO seems to have had a penchant for unusual items, among which were fairground organ records, a collection of favorite songs by the Ovaltineys, and an album of poetry for children, spoken by Arthur Lowe ('Moveaboutalot', RLP-777; 1978).  It looks to have been active from the mid '70s to at least the early '80s.  Distribution was by Lugton. Distributed By.

80 Ovaltineys Happy Days Are Here Again CJMO OVA  1