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 Independent label: Cog Sinister Records was formed by Mark E. Smith and the first appearance was in 1987 when The Fall used it as the imprint for their self-released anthology album "Palace Of Swords Reversed". The imprint returned in 1990 when the band signed to Fontana and used Cog Sinister as a vanity label for their releases. When they moved from Fontana (1990-92),  to Permanent Records (1992-97), they continued to use the Cog Sinister brand on their releases. Since leaving Permanent in 1995, The Fall no longer used Cog Sinister on their new material. However, since 1997, the imprint has become part of the Voiceprint label group, and is being used for reissues of the group's back-catalogue. Distributed By Phonogram.


88 Andrew Berry  Unsatatisfield COG SINISTER SIN 1
88 Philip Schofield  Charlotte´S Room COG SINISTER SIN 2
89 Not Traced COG SINISTER SIN 3
90 Fall Telephone Thing COG SINISTER SIN 4
90 Fall Popcorn Double COG SINISTER SIN 5
90 Fall White Lighting COG SINISTER SIN 6
91 Fall High Tension Line COG SINISTER SIN 7
92 Fall Free Range COG SINISTER SIN 8
2004 Fall Librans COG SINISTER SIN 999

91 Fall So What About It COG SINISTER FALL 1