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 Independent label: Cogent Records was formed by Tier Garden in 1983. Tier Garden THE Tier Garden began life as Sits Vacant, a name inspired by the employment pages of the Evening Mail at the time. By 1983, they had morphed into Indoor Fireworks, but this name didn’t stick either, and they finally settled on Tier Garden. The band split up in 1988. Tier Garden band members were Mike McCusker (vocals) Andrew Willison (guitar) Mark O’Toole (keyboards) Simon Shields (bass guitar) Paul Montague (drums).Distributed By.

84 Tier Garden The Afrikaan COGENT TGCOG 1
85 Perfect Circle Only When It Rains  COGENT PCCOG 2
86 Tier Garden India COGENT TGCOG 3
87 Tier Garden The No Pasaran ?(12")  COGENT TGCOG 4
90 Red Hour Five Questions COGENT RHCOG 5