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 Independent label: Color Disc formed by Gary Ramon. Started as Color Tapes, switched to Color Disc on Vinyl outings and sometimes Color Disc & Tapes on later releases. Color Disc Records Former Address: 32 Ive Farm Close, London E10. COLORS 5 was Given away with German Fanzine 'Out Of Depression' number 12. The magazine includes an interview with Gary Ramon of Modern Art [it also came with a tape of various other bands of the time]. Modern Art was a Psychedelic rock band formed by Gary Ramon in the 80s. Modern Art had a loose lineup that never played gigs but did see the release of two studio albums and a number of self-produced cassettes. Shortly after Ramon disbanded Modern Art , he started Sun Dial which featured some of Modern Art members. Distributed By.

89 Modern Art Dreams To Love COLOR DISC COLORS 1
89 Various Artists Purple Twilight  (Album) COLOR DISC COLORS 2
89 Modern Art   Stereoland (Album) COLOR DISC COLORS 3
89 Various Artists Color Supplement (Album) COLOR DISC COLORS 4
89 Modern Art Penny Valentine (Flexi) COLOR DISC COLORS 5