Independent label: Cool King Records Former Address: Suite 331 Acc House 17 Great Cumberland Place London. Distributed By Pinnacle and PRT Records.

80 Dance Band  Stacks Of Tracks COOL KING DD 1
81 Kelly Dave Return To Sender COOL KING CK 002
81 Smith Chris C Wedding Of The Year COOL KING CK 003
81 Gray Mel School'S Out COOL KING CK 004
81 Kelly Dave Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is COOL KING CK 005
81 Dumpy'S Rusty Nuts Just For Kicks COOL KING CK 006
81 Dance Band No Soul COOL KING CK 007
82 Dumpy'S Rusty Nuts Boxhill Or Bust COOL KING CK 008
82 Kelly Dave When I'M Dead And Gone COOL KING CK 009
83 Pallas Paris Is Burning COOL KING CK 010
83 Lyle-Mcguinness Band Elise COOL KING CK 011