Independent label: International Rescue, You Need Shoes, was an SRT custom pressing SRT cat number S83CUS2025 also used Fairview Music Studios numerical series cat number. International Rescue was Initially formed in 1980 from the residue of the Bridlington/Hornsea Punk Rock scene, the band went on to become 'the' live act to see in and around East Yorkshire. Spreading their wings following management and recording deals as they became known, toured extensively building up a loyal following around the UK. Things were looking up - the elusive deal, TV appearances and a bulging gig diary would surely help them on the way to wherever it is bands aspire to reach. The Polydor deal crumbled, so undeterred the band released singles on their own Cowboy City label. Distributed By Cowboy City Records.

84 International Rescue You Need Shoes COWBOY CITY FMR 78
84 International Rescue Life In An Elevator COWBOY CITY SHOE 2
85 Not Traced COWBOY CITY SHOE 3
86 International Rescue Leather Jacket COWBOY CITY SHOE 4