Independent label: Curtom Records was created by Curtis Mayfield & Tom Washington. A Chicago-based label that was one of the leading lights in the development of Soul Music throughout the 1970's. . Curtom Records In Britain came on the scene in 1975, through WEA; its singles shared a numerical series with those of Warner Brothers.  Distributed By WEA Records.

89 Curtis Mayfield Move On Up (Short Version) CURTOM  7 CUR 101
89 Mayfield Curtis Imo Git U Sucka CURTOM  7 CUR 102
90 Impressions First Impressions  CURTOM  7 CUR 103
90 Linda Clifford Runaway Love  CURTOM  7 CUR 104
90 Leroy Hutson All Because Of You  CURTOM  7 CUR 105
90 Mayfield Curtis Homeless CURTOM  7 CUR 106
Curtis Mayfield
Do Be Down
90 Mayfield Curtis Do Be Down CURTOM  7 CUR 108