Independent label: Paul Bultitude is an English musician and record producer. He was the drummer in power pop band Advertising, working with his cousin Dennis Smith, Tot Taylor and Simon Boswell, before replacing Seb Shelton as the drummer in Secret Affair. He was responsible for "discovering" Mari Wilson and when she achieved chart success on Tot Taylor's Compact Records label, Bultitude was the drummer in her band, the Wilsations. He was also the drummer for the short-lived power pop band, The Innocents. In 1982 he formed the record label Dance Network with songwriter Paul Bevoir and together they set about crafting executed and packaged bubblegum pop, inspired by the music and merchandising of The Monkees and The Beatles. Bultitude was the Dance Network's in-house producer, helping to shape the talents of Bevoir and his band The Jetset. He produced three of the five albums for The Jetset and worked with the label's other artists, Dee Walker, manufactured girl group The Candees, and Jetset singer Melvyn J Taub, who recorded as Melvyn and the Smartys. He also worked outside of the Dance Network, such as producing the mod band, The Moment and more recently Rinaldi Sings. Distributed By Dance Network (Former Address) 49 Bruce Grove, Tottenham, London, N17.

83 Jet Set Best Of Jet Set [ Ep ] DANCE NETWORK NET 1
84 Dee Walker  Jump Back DANCE NETWORK NET 2
85 Jet Set Count The Beating Hearts DANCE NETWORK NET 3