Independent DIY label. The Hats (originally starting out as Fastblood) were just one of hundreds of bands that sprang up out of nowhere in the new wave/punk rock era that began in 1976 The pinnacle of there short career was getting a single No Time is Good Time released on our own Deadly Boring Records label No Time is Good Time was released to an undeserving world in 1980. The band hawked it around the record shops of London and sent copies to Radio One and Capital Radio. Most record shops were being flooded with home-made singles at the time and did not want to take more than one or two copies from an unknown band but Virgin and Rough Trade took some.The end for The Hats came suddenly. They split up in frustration at their lack of success, and disagreements about the direction the music should take, but they remained friends.

80 Hats   No Time Is Good Time DEADLY BORING HAT 001