Independent label: Acrobats of Desire were a product of the UK post-punk period. An electric string quartet with raw vocals, their line up consisted of two violins, viola, cello, assorted percussion and lead vocalist. Originating in Sheffield, they were some of the founders of the music style which went on to spawn Pulp, Hula, Richard Hawley, Cabaret Voltaire, The Arctic Monkeys and The Long Blondes. Mick Wilson and Deborah Egan were the original members of the ensemble and the majority of the material was written for the group by Mick Wilson - now Head of Composition at Salford University, Manchester, Their e.p. Parking Boys (Desire Records DES001) was distributed globally by Red Rhino Records in York and entered the independent charts in the UK and Italy. It was featured by John Peel on his radio show. It was released in the final year of their career in 1981 and is now a rare punk classic. Distributed By Red Rhino Records.

81 Acrobats Of Desire  Parking Boys  DESIRE DES 001