Independent label: Run by Gayna Rose Madder, she set up an the label with another musician who had his own band and had also played in two incarnations of her ensembles. The label was called 'Destiny Angel' (after a favourite Captain Scarlet figure) and in 1989 produced a first release, 'Only time' by clairvoyant Paula Paradaema (a long but interesting story). The second release was a 7" Gayna Rose Madder single, 'Ties'/ 'Bigger than a dream' . A distribution deal was set up and copies of the recording sent out for review. But ill fate was shortly to strike yet again.First, the metal master was lost (from which the vinyl singles were to be pressed) and had to be re-made at considerable extra cost. Secondly, just as favourable reviews appeared in 3 high-end music publications yet another independent distributor, the one to whom the label was contracted, unbelievably went into liquidation. The final blow occurred when the warehouse containing stocks of the records burned down together with all its contents. There was no way the label could afford to re-press the records and re-print the sleeves. Distributed By Destiny Angel.

88 Paula Paradaema  Only Time DESTINY ANGEL GYPSY 1
88 Gayna Rose Madder Ties DESTINY ANGEL GYPSY 3