Independent label: Destiny Records, The Extremes were Simon Baughen and Jerome Clough, right of picture. Primarily a recording band, they released: 'Eat My Dust' 45 (Liquid/Salome) in 1987; 'Car Crash Music' 12" (Violent Hour/Explode/PS/Salome/Valentine's Day)in 1988. 'Save me from the sun' appeared in 1989 as the B side to 'Scratch that Lightning', a 45 by Simon Baughen and the Extremists. Destiny Records Former Address: 11C Digby Crescent London N4 2HS. Distributed By Destiny Records.

87 Extremes  Liquid DESTINY SRT6KS1082

87 Extremes Easy My Dust DESTINY DES 001
89 Baughen Simon The Thief Of New York (Album) DESTINY DES 002
89 Baughen Simon Scratch That Lighting DESTINY DES 3