Independent label: Dirty Discs Was A Sub-Label Of T. Records, Former Address: 9 Eccleston Street London SW1, Formed By The Thompson Twins.The single comes in 4 different sleeves. The first initial release the single came in 3 different colored sleeves but with the same design. The colors are: red/yellow, red/green, and red/white. The reissue single that came out in 1982 is black/gray/white with a different design. The Thompson Twins were a British New Wave pop group that formed in 1977 in Sheffield and London.in April 1977 and disbanded in May 1993. In 1977, the original Thompson Twins lineup consisted of Tom Bailey (born January 18, 1956, in Halifax, Yorkshire) on bass and vocals, Pete Dodd on guitar and vocals, John Roog on guitar, and Jon Podgorski on drums. After moving to London but having so little money, they lived as squatters in Lillieshall Road, London. Future Thompson Twinsí member, Alannah Currie, lived in another squat in the same street. Thompson Twin's first single, "Squares And Triangles" is released on the independent label (Dirty Discs). November 1980. Distributed By Polygram Records.

80 Thompson Twins Squares & Triangles DIRTY DISCS RANK 1