Independent label: Disques Bleu was a sub label of Stiletto Records. Stiletto Music Products Limited Former Address: 122 Holland Park Avenue London W11 4UA. Deauville Records And  Stiletto Records Was Both Sub-Labels And Used The Same Cat Number Series. Distributed By PRT and RCA Records.

81 Domino Effect  La Dolce Vita  STILETTO STL 1
82 Domino Effect Getting Serious STILETTO STL 2
82 Monochrome Temptation DEAUVILLE STL 3
82 St Clair Isla Christmas Dream DEAUVILLE STL 4
82 Not Traced STILETTO STL 5
82 Domino Effect Man She Wants DISQUES BLEUS STL 6
82 Not Traced STILETTO STL 7
82 Baby Alligators Your Body Not Your Mind  DISQUES BLEUS STL 8
83 Cindy & Saffrons Past Present Future DISQUES BLEUS STL 9
83 Bloomsbury Set Sweet Europeans DISQUES BLEUS STL 10
83 David Am I Normal STILETTO STL 11
83 Cindy And The Saffrons Terry STILETTO STL 12
83 The Bloomsbury Set Hanging Around With The Big Boys STILETTO STL 13
83 Harley Steve Ballerina STILETTO STL 14
83 Bloomsbury Set Dress Parade STILETTO STL 15