Independent label: DJM Records owned by Dick James (DJM stood for Dick James Music), who had made his fortune by controlling The Beatles publishing company, Northern Songs, and then by his son, Stephen James. The label received 'The Queens Award For Export Achievement' in 1976 & '77, primarily because of its earnings from it's biggest act, Elton John. Distributed By PYE Records.

83 American Dance Band Sweet Sweet Music DJM DJS 1
83 Cold Hand Band Tropicana DJM DJS 2
83 Belle & Devotions Got To Let You Know DJM DJS 3
83 Watson Johnny Guitar Gangster Of Love DJM DJS 4
83 Walsh Sheila Turn Turn DJM DJS 5
83 Troggs Wild Things DJM DJS 6
83 Gamble Loni Could It Be Love DJM DJS 7
83 Lapotaire Jane I'Ll Put You Together DJM DJS 8
84 Belle & Devotions Love Like That DJM DJS 9
84 Walsh Sheila Growing Up DJM DJS 10
84 Qed Baby Jump DJM DJS 11
84 Robinson Michael Don'T Girls Get Lonely DJM DJS 12
84 Walsh Sheila His Eyes DJM DJS 13

83 Richard Cliff Shelia DJM SHEIL 1