Independent label: DMC (Disco Mix Club) DMC started first in February 1983 with cassettes, then in july 1984 they left the cassettes and started issueing on vinyl. There were one or more records with mixes, and one or more records with previews. Now the main issues are on CD.
In 1986 they started a DJ mixing contest which still is held each year. It had Sublabels of (DMC America, DMC Publishing Ltd., DMC USA Ltd., Mix Music UK). DMC Limited Former Address: PO Box 89 Slough Berkshire SL1 8NA. Distributed By RCA Records.

Tina Charles / Biddu Orchestra
I Love To Love / Sunburn
86 Sanny X Golden Rules DMC  DECK 2
86 Upton Barry Ask The Dj DMC  DECK 3
86 Comfort & Joy Jingle Belle Rap DMC  DECK 4
87 Patrick Rikki Night Moves DMC  DECK 5
87 Charles Tina I Love To Love [ Re-Mix ] DMC  DECK 6
87 Da Rock Rock Party DMC  DECK 7