Independent label: Jim Walker set up his own label, Donut Records.  The Straps formed in 1977 in Battersea with an original line up of Howard Jackson (vocals), guitarists Steve MacIntosh and Dave Reeves, Green (bass), and Brad Day (drums). However, Howard was soon to be replaced by John (Jock) Grant who had moved to London from Johnstone (just outside Paisley) and was staying in a squat in Battersea. In 1980 the first Straps single 'Just Can't Take Anymore'/'New Age' was released. The Straps supported the Damned on the Black Album Tour (at a cost of 2,000) around this time, which helped the single rise to number 49 in the Indie Chart. Their second single, 'Brixton'/'No Liquor', was released in 1982, again on Donut Records, and rose to number 43 in the Indie Chart. After the release of this single, Jim Walker  unfortunately left the band, leaving the remaining members without a drummer or a label. They pushed on; however, and, in 1983 with the help of Pete Davies (UK Subs) on drums, they recorded their first 1983 with the help of Pete Davies (UK Subs) on drums, they recorded their first album 'The Straps' on Cyclops Records. The album was recorded live in 6 hours, on a low budget, and with no overdubs. Other musicians who appeared on the album were Rat Scabies who played drums on the re-recording of 'No Liquor' and Captain Scarlet aka Dave Lloyd (UK Subs) and Andi Sex Gang who provided backing vocals. A third single 'Omega Man' was recorded but never released and, although they were playing to large crowds at venues such as the 100 Club and the Marquee, the Straps broke up in 1983. Distributed By Fresh Records.

80 Straps New Age DONUT DONUT 1
The Pack ‎(Cassette)
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