Independent label: Dread At The Controls was formed by singer Mikey Dread. Disgusted with several unfair contracts with record companies, Campbell shrewdly waited until all of the existing contracts expired and then regained control over his entire catalogue. He began re-releasing much of it on his own Dread At The Controls record label. Michael George Campbell (born 4 June 1954 in Port Antonio, Jamaica - died 15 March 2008 in Connecticut, United States), better known as Mikey Dread, was a Jamaican singer, producer, and broadcaster. He was one of the most influential performers and innovators in reggae music. "His abilities, technical expertise, and unique vocal delivery combined to create a unique sound that tells the listener emphatically that it is the 'Dread at the Controls'. Distributed By Rough Trade, Pinnacle and Stiff Records.

81 D.A.T.C. Orchestra  Jungle Signal  DREAD AT THE CONTROLS DATC 001

80 Mikey Dread Break Down The Walls DREAD AT THE CONTROLS  DREAD 1

80 Dread Mikey Rockers Delight  DREAD AT THE CONTROLS  MIK 1
80 Dread Mikey Break Down The Walls DREAD AT THE CONTROLS  MIK 2

82 Dread Mikey Rocky Road DREAD AT THE CONTROLS  DUN 21