Independent label: Dreamland Records was founded by Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn in 1979 and was a sublabel of RSO Records. Distributed By BMG Records.

80 Not Traced DREAMLAND DLSP 1
80 Shandi Nobody Loves You Better DREAMLAND DLSP 2
80 Nervus Rex There'S She Goes DREAMLAND DLSP 3
80 Spider Everything Is All Right DREAMLAND DLSP 4
80 Penfield Holly Only His Name DREAMLAND DLSP 5
80 Quatro Suzi Rock Hard DREAMLAND DLSP 6
81 Barre Michel Des I'M Only Human DREAMLAND DLSP 7
81 Quatro Suzi Glad All Over DREAMLAND DLSP 8
81 Barres Michael Des Someone Somewhere In The Night DREAMLAND DLSP 9
81 Quatro Suzi Lipstick DREAMLAND DLSP 10
81 Spider Better Be Good To Me DREAMLAND DLSP 11

89 Lita Ford With Ozzy Osbourne Close My Eyes Forever DREAMLAND PB 49409
Lita Ford
88 Lita Ford Kiss Me Deadly DREAMLAND PB 49501

80 Spider New Romance DREAMLAND 2090 441