Independent label: Champion Doug Veitch was born Douglas Veitch in 1960 in Hawick in Scotland. Champion Doug Veitch styled himself the ‘King of Caledonian Swing’. He achieved some prominence in the mid 1980s. In 1985, he co-founded the label DiscAfrique with his colleague Owen Elias, which was one of the first world music labels in the United Kingdom, releasing records by The Bhundu Boys, Orchestre Baobab and The Four Brothers amongst others. After drifting out of the music industry Veitch took a Ph.D. in woodland management. Recently he has returned to music, reuniting with Bhundu Boys guitarist Rise Kagona under the moniker Culture Clash. The duo released the album Tanzwa Neku Tambura: We’ve Suffered Enough in 2007. Distributed By.

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