DIY label:  Earthworks Records Former Address: 162 Oxford Gardens London W10. Was started in the late 1980s as a subsidiary of Virgin Records (UK). Shortly after Virgin was sold to EMI, Earthworks was sold to Stern's because of that label's specialty. Earthworks product that was released in the UK prior to the puchase was not repressed to reflect its new parent. Earthworks product in the US was discontinued and imported from the UK instead. It is very rare to see Virgin/Atlantic or Virgin/EMI pressings of Earthworks titles in the US. Parent Label: Stern's Africa. The Four Brothers are perhaps the most internationally successful and recognised group to come from Zimbabwe. The members are not literally brothers and at times there have been more than four. Distributed By Rough Trade.

82 Jazira Orchestra Love (12") EARTHWORK DIG 001
83 Four Brothers Revolutionary Sound Of Zimbabwe EARTHWORK DIG 002
84 Onike Bush Woman (12") EARTHWORK DIG 003
84 Kasseya Souzy Le Téléphone Sonne (12") EARTHWORK DIG 004