Independent label: Formed By Daryl Johnston In 1982 Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding Of Yorkshire, United Kingdom Closed: 1987 Former Address Hemingbrough, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Sub-Label: Criminal Response Records Ebony Became Reaction Records In 1987.Ebony Records was a hard rock / heavy metal label that released many of the smaller, less well-known acts of the mid 80s UK HM scene. It was a budget label, recording quality was defiantly lo-fi, and there was certainly some amateurish music released on its many compilation albums. However there are several gems to be found including classics by great, half-forgotten bands like Chateaux, Savage, Blade Runner, Samurai and Blood Money. The label is probably most well known for the two albums by Grim Reaper, and also for the first ever vinyl release by Mercyful Fate, on the Metallic Storm compilation.

82 Various Artista Metal Fatigue (Lp EBONY EBON 1
82 Various Artista Synthetic Romance (Lp) EBONY EBON 2
82 Various Artista Sample & Hold (Lp) EBONY EBON 3
82 The Pete Ryan Band Dolly Parten'S Tits EBONY EBON 4
82 Moby Dick Nothing To Fear  EBONY EBON 5
82 Various Artista Metallic Storm (Lp) EBONY EBON 6
82 Strategy Technical Overflow  EBONY EBON 7
82 Various Artista Metal Maniaxe (Lp) EBONY EBON 8
82 Chateaux Young Blood  EBONY EBON 9
82 Savage Ain'T No Fit Place  EBONY EBON 10
83 Various Artista Metal Warriors (Lp) EBONY EBON 11
83 Savage Loose 'N Lethal (Lp) EBONY EBON 12
83 Chateaux Chained And Desperate (Lp) EBONY EBON 13
83 Various Artista Metal Plated  (Lp) EBONY EBON 14
83 Shy Once Bitten Twice Shy (Lp) EBONY EBON 15
83 Grim Reaper  See You In Hell (Lp) EBONY EBON 16
83 Holland Early Warning (Lp) EBONY EBON 17
84 Chateaux Firepower (Lp) EBONY EBON 18
84 Demon Eyes Rites Of Chaos  (Lp) EBONY EBON 19
84 The Sterling Cooke Force Full Force EBONY EBON 20
84 Blade Runner Hunted  (Lp) EBONY EBON 21
84 Nightmare  Waiting For The Twilight (Lp) EBONY EBON 22
84 Syron Vanes Bringer Of Evil  (Lp) EBONY EBON 23
84 Samurai  Sacred Blade  (Lp) EBONY EBON 24
84 Samurai Fires Of Hell  EBONY EBON 25
84 Blade Runner Back Street Lady  EBONY EBON 26
84 Touched   Dream Girl EBONY EBON 27
84 Touched Back Alley Vices (Lp) EBONY EBON 28
85 Hammer  Contract With Hell (Lp) EBONY EBON 29
85 Nightmare Power Of The Universe (Lp) EBONY EBON 30
85 Chateaux Highly Strung  (Lp) EBONY EBON 31
85 Grim Reaper Fear No Evil (Lp) EBONY EBON 32
85 Touched Death Row (Lp) EBONY EBON 33
85 Rankelson Hungry For Blood (Lp) EBONY EBON 34
86 Blade Runner Warriors Of Rock (Lp) EBONY EBON 35
86 Syron Vanes Revenge (Lp) EBONY EBON 36
86 Samurai Weapon Master (Lp) EBONY EBON 37
86 Tyga Myra Deliverance (Lp) EBONY EBON 38
86 Cobra Back From The Dead (Lp) EBONY EBON 39
86 Preyer Terminator (Lp) EBONY EBON 40
86 Blood Money Red Raw And Bleeding  (Lp) EBONY EBON 41
86 Dealer First Strike (Lp) EBONY EBON 42
86 Not Issued EBONY EBON 43
86 Fast Kutz Burnin' (Lp) EBONY EBON 44
87 Rankelson The Bastards Of Rock 'N' Roll (Lp) EBONY EBON 45
87 Blood Money Battlescarred (Lp) EBONY EBON 46

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