Independent label:  This label was a joint venture of Terry Burrows & Alan Jenkins, the respective heads of Hamster Records And Tapes and Cordelia Records. Founded in 1987 and used exclusively for the early releases of The Chrysanthemums up to 1990 when they signed to Madagascar. Egg Plant Records Former Address: 8 Denis Close Leicester LE3 6DQ.

87 Chrysanthemums Mouth Pain EGG PLANT ONE  EGG
87 Chrysanthemums Is That A Fish (Album) EGG PLANT TWO EGG
88 Chrysanthemums The Xxxx Sessions (12") EGG PLANT THREE EGG
88 Chrysanthemums Little Flecks Of Foam (Cd) EGG PLANT FOUR EGG
89 Chrysanthemums Like Industrious (12") EGG PLANT FIVE EGG

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