Independent label:  Distributed By President and Pinnacle Records.


80 Soul David Surrender To Me ENERGY  NRG 001
80 Lady Love It'S The Same Old Story ENERGY  NRG 002
81 Not Traced ENERGY  NRG 003
81 Soul David Fool For Love ENERGY NRG 004
82 Soul David How Can I Tell You ENERGY NRG 005
82 No Mans Band Hey Joe ENERGY NRG 006
82 Going Straight Imagination ENERGY NRG 007
82 Cambell Glen If You Were My Lady ENERGY NRG 008
82 Not Traced ENERGY NRG 009
82 The Mystery Boys Louie Louie ENERGY NRG 10
82 The Seagulls Brighton And Hove Albion In Brighton ENERGY NRG 11

83 Valentine Brothers Money's Too Tight (To Mention) (Vocal) ENERGY NRG 1
83 The Seagulls Brighton And Hove Albion The Old Brighton Blue ENERGY NRG 2

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