Independent DIY label:  Enigma was initially part of an independent music importer/distributor Greenworld Distribution, but split off in 1985.  It was distributed by JEM Records, Important, and Capitol Records until 1989 when Capitol/EMI acquired rights from the Heins. Allegedly bankrupted by the excesses of the band Poison, Enigma merged with its sub-label Restless Records in 1991. Manufactured And Distributed By VIRGIN Records.

87 Smithereens In A Lonely Place ENIGMA ENIG 1
87 Smithereens Behind The Wall Of Sleep ENIGMA ENIG 2
87 Smithereens Stranger'S When We Meet ENIGMA ENIG 3

88 Stryper Always There For You ENIGMA ENV 1
88 Smithereens House We Used To Live In ENIGMA ENV 2
88 Dream Syndicate Judas Kiss ENIGMA ENV 3
88 Stewart Al King Of Portugal ENIGMA ENV 4
88 Not Traced ENIGMA ENV 5
88 Dream Syndicate I Have Faith ENIGMA ENV 6
89 Hurricane I'M On To You ENIGMA ENV 7
89 Dead Milkmen Punk Rock Girl ENIGMA ENV 8
89 Not Traced ENIGMA ENV 9
89 Del Lords Cheyenne ENIGMA ENV 10
89 Untouchables Agent Double O Soul ENIGMA ENV 11
89 Not Traced ENIGMA ENV 12
89 Not Traced ENIGMA ENV 13
89 Del Lords Peom Of The River ENIGMA ENV 14
90 Smithereens Girl Like You ENIGMA ENV 15
90 Xyz Inside Out ENIGMA ENV 16
90 Cramps Bikini Girls With Machine Guns ENIGMA ENV 17
90 Wayne April The Bigger They Come ENIGMA ENV 18
90 Cramps All Woman Are Bad ENIGMA ENV 19
90 Not Traced ENIGMA ENV 20
90 Smithereens Blue Period ENIGMA ENV 21
90 Cramps Creature From The Deep ENIGMA ENV 22
90 Devo Post Post-Modern Man ENIGMA ENV 23
90 Cassidy David Lyin' To Myself ENIGMA ENV 24